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The access and use of the website www.richmondlab.com, hereafter the “WEBSITE”, is governed by these “Terms and Conditions” and by the law of the Argentine Republic. Therefore, by accessing and/or browsing the WEBSITE you are accepting these Terms and Conditions without reservation. The WEBSITE you are accessing is the exclusive property of Laboratorios Richmond S.A.C.I.F., hereafter “LABORATORIOS RICHMOND”.

The information available on the SITE, including texts, images, audio, video and opinions, is provided for information purposes only. You are not authorized to use said information for your own diagnosis or treatment. LABORATORIOS RICHMOND recommends that you consult a physician, in all cases, to address any health-related issue. Using the information contained in the WEBSITE is your exclusive responsibility.
LABORATORIOS RICHMOND uses its best efforts to provide you with accurate and quality information; however, we do not guarantee that said information is complete and/or exact, or that it is free from technical inaccuracies. Likewise, we inform that all the information you find on the WEBSITE is protected by the applicable legislation in force regarding copyright and it is the exclusive property of LABORATORIOS RICHMOND, or it belongs to third parties who authorized LABORATORIOS RICHMOND to publish and/or use said information.
Reproducing, distributing or modifying the information or any other use of the information embedded in or linked to the WEBSITE is strictly forbidden. The explicit authorization in writing must be requested to LABORATORIOS RICHMOND if you intend to use the information contained on the WEBSITE.
Neither LABORATORIOS RICHMOND nor any other stakeholder involved in the creation, production or publication of the WEBSITE are liable for the consequences arising from the use of the information included, embedded in or linked to the WEBSITE, or resulting from any error or omission in its contents, or due to damages of any nature that those uses may cause. LABORATORIOS RICHMOND assumes no responsibility for the contents embedded in and/or linked to the WEBSITE.
LABORATORIOS RICHMOND reserves its right to eliminate the SITE, or to suspend or change its contents at any moment, at its sole discretion, without the need of a prior notice and without creating any liability whatsoever.

Privacy Notice

When accessing or browsing the WEBSITE, LABORATORIOS RICHMOND may request that you provide certain personal data. Likewise, LABORATORIOS RICHMOND may retrieve personal data when you participate in questionnaires, surveys, search functions, or use some of the tools contained on the WEBSITE. Your participation implies that you provide said personal information freely, also accepting that the information will be managed by LABORATORIOS RICHMOND.

LABORATORIOS RICHMOND is responsible for the managing and safekeeping of the personal data you may disclose on the WEBSITE. If you need more information about these privacy specifications, or for the enjoyment of any of your rights or with the applicable law, including, but not limited to, your right to access, rectify, cancel and oppose said information, you may get in contact with us at our domicile at Avenida Elcano 4938, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, or at our telephone number (54 11) 5555-1600, Monday through Friday, 8 am through 5 pm.
LABORATORIOS RICHMOND may use your data: (i) to address your information request about its products; (ii) to address any request for information, claim, question or comment; (iii) to create data bases for statistical purposes; (iv) to create data bases for the research and development of new products; (v) to send you notifications of changes to this Privacy Notice or; (vi) to abide by the law or by norms applicable to LABORATORIOS RICHMOND in the Argentine Republic and in countries where LABORATORIOS RICHMOND has its affiliates. You may request to access, change, cancel, oppose your data or limit their use or disclosure, or to revoke your consent, according to the Law for the Protection of Personal Data number 25,326 and additional applicable provisions.
To process any request to change your personal data you have to: (i) provide your full name and address, (ii) send in a copy of your national identification document, (iii) describe clearly and accurately the personal data you wish to access or you wish to change or cancel, and (iv) provide any other element to facilitate the location of your data, as well as any other requirement established by the Law for the Protection of Personal Data and additional applicable provisions.
LABORATORIOS RICHMOND reserves its right to share your personal data with its employees, contractors, service providers and advisors, who shall manage your personal data on behalf of LABORATORIOS RICHMOND. Likewise, LABORATORIOS RICHMOND reserves its right to share your personal data with government authorities in Argentina or abroad in case the applicable law or an administrative or court authority so establishes and/or requires. With the exception of the cases above, or the cases included in the Law for the Protection of Personal Data or any other applicable norm or rule, LABORATORIOS RICHMOND shall not share or transfer your personal data to third parties. However, LABORATORIOS RICHMOND reserves its right to transfer your personal data, including without your consent to any acquirer of LABORATORIOS RICHMOND, its affiliates and/or subsidiaries, of its assets or any division or business unit of LABORATORIOS RICHMOND.
LABORATORIOS RICHMOND may make changes and/or update these privacy conditions, which are governed by the Law for the Protection of Personal Data and additional regulatory norms of the Argentine Republic at any given moment. The National Directorate for the Protection of Personal Data is the agency in charge of safeguarding the rights to the protection of personal data (http://www.jus.gob.ar/datos-personales.aspx)

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