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We develop and manufacture pharmaceutical products using state-of-the-art technology which boosts efficiency and ensures the highest quality standards.

This allows us to enter the market with highly competitive prices, thus enabling access to a large number of patients around the world. Thanks to our subsidiaries and strategic partners, the products developed by Laboratorios Richmond are sold in 25 countries across Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

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Laboratorios Richmond S.A.C.I.F.

Bouchard 680, CABA

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Richmond Colombia S.A.S.

Calle 100 #19A-50, Piso 9, Bogotá D.C.

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Laboratorios Richmond Chile Ltda.

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Medicine SA

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In line with its regional expansion plan, Laboratorios Richmond has been setting up companies and acquiring shareholdings in strategic markets around the world.

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Latin America

Strategic Partners
Brazil Gador do Brasil Com. de Prod. Farmacéuticos Ltda. San Pablo Ecuador Gykormed Guayaquil Ecuador Pharmedical S.A. Quito El Salvador Droguería Farmavida S.A. de C.V. San Salvador Guatemala Supharma S.A. Guatemala Mexico Farmacéutica Medikamenta SA de CV Estados Unidos Mexicanos Peru Grey Inversiones SAC Lima Dominican Republic Sued & Fargesa S.R.L. Santo Domingo Uruguay Ebromar S.A. Montevideo Uruguay Megalabs Uruguay S.A. Montevideo Uruguay Roemmers S.A. Montevideo

Rest of the World

Strategic Partners
Algeria EURL P.C.M. Argel Philippines United Laboratories Inc. Manila Lebanon Mediterranean Pharmaceutical Company Beirut Pakistan Haji Medicine Co. Rawalpindi Syria Oubari Habboush Pharma Aleppo South Africa Key Oncologics (Pty) Ltd. Johannesburgo Thailand Schumit 1967 Bangkok Tunisia M.A.B. Consulting Túnez Vietnam Duy Tan Pharma Ho Chi Minh City
Laboratorios Richmond Planta Pilar

Manufacturing Plants Laboratorios Richmond Argentina

From Argentina to the world

Laboratorios Richmond has two plants where pharmaceutical forms of pharmacological and chemical products are manufactured. A third biotechnology plant is under construction. The three units are located in an industrial park located in Pilar city, Buenos Aires Province. This location is central to the pharmaceutical development, the manufacturing process and the logistics of our Company.

In addition to manufacturing pharmaceutical products, both plants are fitted with areas devoted to the development of new products, manufacturing of samples for clinical trials and technology transfer. We also perform quality control tasks of all our processes and coordinate the Logistics and Distribution Department.

Planta VIDA Laboratorios Richmond

UPEF Plant

The UPEF (Unidad Productiva Líneas Especiales y Farma - Productive Unit of Special Lines and Pharma) plant is 5,600 square meters devoted to manufacturing solid oral dosage forms for the treatment of HIV, and also for cardiometabolic and neurodegenerative diseases. It is equipped with the most advanced technologies and is in full compliance with international standards, cGMP and the PIC Scheme.

To consolidate the international presence the plant has been qualified according to the quality risk management criteria and it has been certified for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 of good environmental practices, both validated by IQNET (The International Certification Network).

UPAP Plant

The UPAP (Unidad Productiva de Alta Potencia – High Potency Production Unit) plant is 1,800 square meters and is the center of excellence of the Company where we manufacture special solid oral forms including complex and potent active ingredients indicated for advanced therapies, such as oncologic and multiple sclerosis treatments. Due to the high biological activity of these molecules, the plant is equipped with unrivalled technology in the Region, which guarantees a high level of protection with 100% primary containment during material loading, unloading and manipulation using closed valves and systems.

There is no contact of the substance with the operator or with the environment. This process also allows for an adequate cleaning and lowers the risk of contamination. All that boosts the performance of our processes, taking into account that we use molecules of an extremely high cost.

Planta VIDA Laboratorios Richmond
Planta VIDA Laboratorios Richmond

Biotechnology Plant

The VIDA plant is a unit currently under construction devoted to manufacturing the end-to-end production cycle, for both vaccines and for complex biotechnological products.

More than 10,000 square meters will be devoted to raw material and finished product manufacturing. A pilot plant and laboratory premises will also be built. The plant is being equipped with “single use” technology and will have fully independent areas along two lines to provide for maximum flexibility.

Laboratorios Richmond Colombia

Manufacturing Plant Laboratorios Richmond Colombia

Bogotá Plant

Laboratorios Richmond Colombia S.A.S. has a 2,183 square meter plant located in Bogota.

At present it was awarded the Good Manufacturing Practices certification by INVIMA and is authorized to manufacture pharmaceutical products with common active ingredients and solid pharmaceutical forms, such as coated or uncoated tablets, dragees, extended release microgranules and microgranule encapsulation.

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Laboratorios Richmond

Our commitment to the environment

Every day we carry out concrete actions in pursuit of sustainability. And we document it.

We document the entire process in compliance with the essential option of the GRI Standards (Global Reporting Initiative), the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), the United Nations Global Compact and ISO 26000. Select a report to view on-line or download in PDF format

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