Investor Relations

General stock information

  • Current quote
  • $840.00
  • Issued shares
  • 80.750.000
  • Market CAP (ARS)
  • $67.830 M
  • Free float
  • 17,54%

Last market day

  • Maximum price
  • $865.00
  • Minimum price
  • $790.00
  • Previous day's price
  • $826.50
  • Day's evolution
  • 9,49%
  • Daily nominal volume
  • 39156

Since the Public Stock Offering (PSO) carried out in December 2017, 38.48% of the capital belongs to the majority shareholder Marcelo Figueiras, 24.74% corresponds to Busnel S.A., and 19.24% to Alberto D. Serventich, while the remaining 17.54% is floating capital and is listed on the Argentine Stock and Markets Exchange (BYMA). The stock value information is provided by Google Finance and includes an approximate 20-minute delay.

Learn more about the company by accessing a special website for investors with general information and reports (in Spanish) by clicking here

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